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Are you rejecting those “soft-tissue” motor vehicle cases?

If yes, then you are throwing out possible referral fees and a valuable source of future business. If you are keeping these cases, is your office properly geared to handle them, particularly in light of the new No-Fault regulations, the ever changing laws on threshold and the current trend of most carriers to take a no-pay position on “soft-tissue” cases?

We consider ourselves the “soft-tissue” firm to the industry and primarily handle soft-tissue/No-Fault cases. Although we handle a large volume of cases, we quickly process and move all of our cases, settling many of our cases without litigation. Moreover, if we determine that the case cannot be quickly settled, we immediately commence litigation, arbitration and/or mediation to move the case. We do not let cases linger in our office. Finally, we continuously keep all referring attorneys advised as to the status of their cases, in writing.

We are currently accepting referrals for all new motor vehicle accidents, regardless of the insurance carrier. For a consultation or for a list of references, please make the call (212) 481-0011 or mail us